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So, how much will my remodeling project cost?


Naturally, this should always be the final question and believe me, a lot of times it is actually the first one I hear. Well, honestly I can't tell you this right away since there are too many options and details to choose from. However, we at Kuhlmann & Son developed a 3 step system to streamline the remodeling cost estimate process and it helps both sides to finalize the project scope.

1. Ball Park Estimate
This is a price range that we use based on previous remodeling or home repair projects. It will give our prospects a better Idea on how much it could cost and they can set a budget for our meeting.

2. Free on site Consultation
We will setup an appointment to your convenience to meet with you and discuss all the details. Here is where we discuss your Budget, collect the project details and set the actual Project Scope. Did I mention? This is all free and without any obligation.

3. Firm Cost Estimate

Based on our meeting we will produce a firm price to complete your project and submit it to you for review. From here we can tweak and adjust a few details until you are satisfied. Once we reach your approval, we will transfer the Estimate into a Work-Order / Contract.

Now that understand the pricing process, you can see as to why we canít give you a good Remodeling Estimate right from the beginning.

 However, in the following table, you can find various Ball Park Estimates in US$ and this can take care of Step 1.


Total Price Range

Average Mid Price Range




                       Kitchen Remodel






                       Bath Remodel






                       Multi Room Remodel






                       Attic/Basement Remodel






                       Garage Remodel



  New Construction



                       Room Addition






                       Sun Room


















                       Outdoor Kitchen






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